Coffee Break (June 5)

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New to Beautiful Thing: The Coffee Break. A quick (leading up to possibly daily) touch point to help keep us connected. I’ll be sharing different things each post. My prayer is that I find a comfortable groove, and that this becomes a consistent posting. We’ll see! Gonna enjoy the journey and see what happens.

BT News:
  • There is so much on the horizon for Beautiful Thing, Lord willing. I would love to share more, but I’m keeping my lips zipped for now. I’m still working on the last two “Superstitions” articles. They are going in a different direction than I originally thought, but I think it’s better. And there are other things brewing as well. Stay tuned!
Good Medicine:
  • You’ve probably all seen this cutie by now, but I keep watching these videos. This girl is hilarious. I understand sweetheart!
For the Car Ride Home:

This is a few weeks old, but it is a must listen. Sheologians, The One with Rosaria Butterfield.

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