Coffee Break (September 8)

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Men of the Reformation

The Cripplegate has a new series, and this looks interesting! “On Thursdays over the next two months we will run short biographies of eight key reformers. If you would like to reprint these in your church bulletin to help people in your congregation become familiar with these individuals as a lead in for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, go for it–no need to attribute it back to us; if you find them useful, then by all means use them. Last week was Wycliffe, and today John Huss.”

Spiritual Dryness

In this article, Got Questions answers the question, “What is spiritual dryness and how can I overcome it?”

Spontaneous Evangelism

Please read this excellent article, Add Spontaneity to Your Evangelism, by Josh Buice. This is a short article, but it packs a punch. “Far too often we program and compartmentalize things that are intended to be engaged in more naturally.  One such area of life is evangelism. I was reminded of this reality last week as I walked around the pond in our local park.  I found myself talking with a man and our conversation moved to the gospel.  Soon enough, we were in the throes of a deep gospel centered talk about life.”

Where Do New Words Come From?

This is a neat TEDEd video from Marcel Danesi.

For the Car Ride

This podcast is directed at pastors, but I just thought it was beautifully delivered. And we, the church, have a lot to learn about how the Bible defines the role of a pastor. For The Church Podcast Episode 013: The Curing of Souls “Godly pastoral care is the overflow of love.” (11 minutes)

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