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Reasons to Read

In this article Kimberly Cummings, from Women’s Hope Project, shares six crucial reasons to grow into a more spiritually disciplined reader. “Please never underestimate the profit that reading Scripture will have on your life. Paul uses this word ‘profitable’ twice in 1st and 2nd Timothy (1 Timothy 4:82 Timothy 3:16). Both times are related to aspects of our spiritual growth. Just two verses prior to 2 Timothy 3:16, we are commanded to continue in the things we have learned. As you continue to read, God will encourage you in your growth just as He saved you.”

Be Unashamed of the Gospel

In this article, Jordan Standridge shares three reasons to be unashamed of the Gospel. “

One of my favorite days of the year is October 31st. Of course, you know it’s not because of Halloween, but it is because of Reformation day. This year, in particular, as we celebrate the 500th year of the reformation, we are being inundated with stories of our heroes of the faith who rescued the Gospel and faithfully stood before councils, popes, queens, and emperors, and boldly stood by the Gospel while facing impending death.

I think, though, that it can be a little overwhelming for us.”

Hope for Perfectionist in Progressive Sanctification

I can relate to this article from Lara d’Entremont. “I am a perfectionist at heart. Perfectionism is something I always believed was a good thing in my life; I should be proud to be a perfectionist. Because I am a perfectionist, my desk is always tidy, my house is orderly, I effectively schedule time, my assignments are done to the best of my ability, and I work to my best potential. It sounds like a character trait everyone should strive for.

However, those of us who are perfectionist, we know the tragic downside to perfectionism. We know those sleepless, anxious nights of wondering, “Did I perfectly word my essay to the best it possibly could be?” Or those fearful moments backstage after the presentation, “I totally screwed up everything.” We know the pain of perfectionism. Perfectionism has placed heavy chains over our necks, telling us that we will not be free until everything is in perfect order.”

After School Snack Ideas

Here are some healthy snack ideas (some for kids and some for grown-ups) from Food52.

For the Car Ride

Listen to this episode, Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Self-Discipline, Part 1. This is  from John MacArthur’s series, The Art of Self-Discipline. (29 minutes)

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