Coffee Break (September 5)

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Hermeneutics for Parenting

This is a great series from Eric Dodson with Grace To You. Don’t miss this one ladies. “First, it’s critical to understand that studying Scripture is not a task reserved for pastors, theologians, and scholars. It’s an endeavor that every Christian is called to and should be equipped for. You don’t need a formal theological education to teach God’s Word to your children.”

Before You Join a Church

In this article, R.C. Sproul outlines some good questions we need to ask before joining a church. “Before we attend a church, we should know that it is a legitimate church. Now, obviously, if the sign on the front of the church reads ‘Church of Satan,’ we know it isn’t a legitimate body of Christian believers. But what about churches that are not legitimate for less obvious reasons? Some religious bodies claim to be Christian that, in my judgment and in the judgment of many Christians, are not Christian churches or are apostate bodies. Even attending their services may be a sin. We can’t expect a church to be perfect. But does it hold to the essentials of the faith?”

Love Like Corrie ten Boom

This is a powerful article from Clint Archer with The Cripplegate. “After her release Corrie struggled to know if she would ever be able to forgive her captors for their unspeakable malevolence. But a mere three years later one of the former guards from Ravensbruck met her and asked her outright to forgive him for his part in her suffering.

Corrie was understandably extremely reluctant, but in that very moment, she prayed for God to help her to love her enemy as Christ had loved his torturers. She wrote:

For a long moment we grasped each other’s hands, the former guard and the former prisoner. I had never known God’s love so intensely as I did then.”

A Recipe I make Once A Year

The mornings are now chilly up here in New Hampshire, and this is the time of day I like to heat up my house with the oven by baking something sweet. (We New Englanders take pride in how long we can hold out ’til we turn on the heat in the fall. It’s a bragging right up here, so my morning baking routines serve a dual purpose until we cave and click the thermostat!) This is a recipe my husband loves! I will warn you, it’s a bit time consuming, so I only really make it once a year. If you want to bake it in the morning, like me, here’s what I do: Make the bread dough the night before, let it rise a bit on the counter, and then stick it in the fridge to finish the first rise over night. You could also make the entire thing the day before, stick it in the fridge over night, and only bake it in the morning. Last tip: I always swap out the Tbs. of rum called for in the glaze with 1 tsp. vanilla extract. This  recipe is a great way to usher in fall!

For the Car Ride

Sheologians: Jesus Isn’t Calling, God Has Already Spoken “Buckle up, boys and girls, cause this week the ladies are taking on “God told me” and the popular book Jesus Calling. Is Jesus Calling? SPOILER ALERT, lots of love for the doctrine of Sola Scriptura is happening. Share this with your friends who aren’t really sure if Jesus Calling is great or garbage!” (49 min)

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