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How Should We Then Worship

This is an excellent and much needed article for our generation. From R.C. Sproul: “Three-quarters of the way through the twentieth century, Francis A. Schaeffer asked the question, ‘How should we then live?’ His book of the same name answered the questions raised by the radical shift in our culture from modernity to post-modernity. The question that we face in our generation is closely related to it: ‘How should we then worship?’ The ‘how?’ of worship is a hotly disputed matter in our day. The issue has been described as the war of worship. If there has been a worship war in the church in America in the last thirty years, then surely by now its outcome has been decided. Far and away, the victorious mode of worship in our day is that form roughly described as contemporary worship. ‘Contemporary’ in this context is contrasted with ‘traditional,’ which is seen as being outmoded, passé, and irrelevant to contemporary individuals. Those who deem the contemporary shift in worship as a deterioration are in the minority, so it behooves us to explore the ‘how’ question that Schaeffer first raised.”

Institutional Humility

This short article from Jared Sparks is a thought-provoking one. “As we see from this passage, humans have behaved the same way for a long time. Jesus saw a group of people who did all the right things for all the wrong reasons. His words are clear and direct. It is not just this crowd he called out. When I pause and consider my actions, I am called to account. Why do I do what I do? I confess and repent, I want my good deeds to be recognized by people. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I desire to walk in humility. The praise of people is a crummy reward compared to the reward of the Father. There is more to life than the praise of man.”

Exploring the Bible Review

Tim Challies reviews David Murray’s new book, Exploring the Bible: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids. I always love finding new biblical resources for my kids. Sometimes I think I love it more than they do.  You may purchase the book here

A Perfect Fall Pie

This Maple Pecan Pie with Shortbread Crust looks like the perfect “first day of Fall” treat!

For the Car Ride

Knowing Faith (with Jen Wilkin) Episode #2: Jesus’ Family Tree “We work through the lineage of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew and discuss why genealogies in the Bible, though intimidating and confusing on the surface, are significant.” (33 minutes)

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