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Great Reality Inspires Great Writing

This article from John Piper moved me this morning. When I was in my college English and education classes, I always scrutinized my professors to see if they, themselves, were practicing what they were preaching to us. There’s nothing quite so befuddling as having an education professor prattle on for days about the value of “cooperative groupings” or “differentiation” of students, but never once use the techniques herself. Too often I witnessed the disconnect between pedagogy and practice in the college classroom. This is not so with John Piper. As he exhorts us to “write it on our hearts” before we write it on the page, he not only gives us some excellent imperatives, but also demonstrates his point directly in the way he organizes his own writing in this article.

From John Piper: “I spoke recently to a gathering of writers. The time allotted was short, so I made only one point. But this one point is, I believe, fundamental and universal for all authentic writing. By authentic, I mean writing that sincerely intends to carry the mind and heart of the writer, and that aims to communicate some reality that is more than mere self-expression — even if it is fiction or a playful note for your children.”

Salvation and Damnation

This is an intricate and informative infographic from Tim Challies.

Do You Sing With Your Family?

In this short video, How Can Believers Cultivate A Culture of Family Singing, Keith Getty explains the importance of filling your home (and all of your spaces) with songs of worship.

More Fall Printables

I know, I’m kinda’ obsessed with all these pretty fall printables I keep finding on Pinterest.

For the Car Ride

Josh Buice, with Delivered By Grace, interviews Justin Peters here. (4o minutes)

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