Coffee Break (September 19)

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How to Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted

This a great one from Christine Hoover. “We know in theory that God created friendship as one of life’s greatest gifts, but we often find making and deepening friendships complicated and complex. Some of our greatest pains involve wounds from others, or the pang of wondering if we have any friends at all. How do we begin unwrapping the gift of friendship?”

The Kidification of America

In this article from For The Church, Owen Strachen calls us back to maturity. “We’re in the age of the ‘Kidification’ of America. We adults watch comic-book movies, wear the shorts and leggings that seven-year-olds have traditionally worn, take our favorite games with life-and-death seriousness, show up late to the functions we attend, refuse to build a vocation in order to hold a series of jobs that we never truly commit to, spend above our means and thus incur heaping debt, opt out of our commitments on a whim, snark and blurt out a constant stream of commentary on social media, narcissistically whine about how hard life is (to people whose lives are demonstrably harder than ours), and act wounded when confronted with our faults.”

Don’t Speak Up

In this article, Don’t Speak Up: On the Spiritual Discipline of Silence, Mark Dever encourages us with Scriptural examples of times we, perhaps, should not speak up, but remain silent. “As evangelicals, we often feel guilty for not evangelizing more, or not speaking a word of correction to a friend in sin. And sometimes that sense of guilt is correct! But here, Jesus identifies another way we can err: speaking up wrongly, at the wrong times, and to the wrong person.”

A Brief Guide to British Buns

This is a cute article from Laura Goodman of Food52. This article also reminded me of another blog I like and want to share: The Little Library Cafe. This is the most precious blog for moms who love to read and bake with their children, or for anyone looking for a good recipe for their next book club gathering. This one is one of those “currant bun” recipes mentioned in the first article, from Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

For the Car Ride

As you know, I don’t often post links to Nate’s sermons on here. But I have to post his sermon from this past Sunday. You know it’s a good one when you continue to mull it over days later. This one really got me, Paul’s Ministry of Teaching : Christ Above All. (43 minutes)

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