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Treasuring Motherhood

This is such an encouraging article from GraceAnna Castleberry. Read it mama-sisters. This is salve for your weary souls! Treasuring Motherhood When I Fail: “There are so many standards set for us as women and as mothers. We can barely meet our own high standards, much less someone else’s. I’m not saying don’t set them, do! But the moment I think that meeting a standard makes me a good mom, I’ve made motherhood all about me. I’ve declared that my identity is wrapped up in my achievements. And I’ve created a giant obstacle that has my name written all over it.”

God’s Unchanging Grace

This article, from Kimberly Cummings of Women’s Hope Project, is so insightful. And it’s chock-a-block full of Scripture. “In recent days, I have found it interesting the changes I have seen take place in our culture.  That cartoon, The Jetsons, I used to enjoy while slurping down a bowl of sugary cereal as a young girl is now more like reality than fantasy. This 80’s mall rat no longer goes to a mall to buy what I “need.” No, I now buy it from the comfort of my home and wait for it to arrive at my doorstep within 24 hours. I am also at the age where it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest technology, as hard as I may try.  Change is inevitable.”

Reformation Book for Little Kids

This pop-up book looks adorable: The Life of Martin Luther. And here’s a review of it from Amanda Geaney, the Shelf-Esteem lady. We can’t leave out our littlest reformers this Reformation Day!

White Giraffe

This is a neat article from National Geographic, Why These Giraffes Are Completely White. Don’t forget to watch the little video clip too.

For the Car Ride

The Art of Godliness, Episode 1: Conflict in the Church  From Tim Challies: “Today I’m beginning something new: a podcast.  I’m co-hosting it with Paul Martin who is a close friend and a fellow elder at Grace Fellowship Church. Together we are taking a look at a variety of subjects of relevance to the Christian life. We are beginning in episode one with the tricky subject of conflict resolution, and especially conflict within the church.”

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