Coffee Break (September 13)

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Friendship and the Call to Go

In this article from For The Church, Ronni Kurtz sharess what all believers face when they are called to go. “During that car ride, I was feeling a paradox that occurs in Christian friendships that, truthfully, hurts – yet is somehow glorious. The painful paradox of Christian friendship is that we’re called to dive deep into relationship with one another and, at the same time, many of us receive another calling – to go.”

For Tough Times in Marriage

In this article from Renewed in Truth, Sarah Walton shares hope for when marriage is filled with worse, poorer, and sickness. “Similar to the way that suffering either tempts us toward bitterness and anger or drives us to a greater dependency on Christ; suffering in marriage can lead us toward bitterness and separation from our spouse, or toward a greater dependency on Christ and a stronger unity with each other.”

Dogs Have Feelings

It’s important for us to read articles like this one, from National Geographic, through a biblical lens and worldview. With that, this is a fun read.

Mason Jar Pancakes

So many fun recipes to choose from in this article from Southern Living!

For the Car Ride

Grace To You Radio Broadcast with Pastor John MacArthur: Pray Boldly. (43 minutes)

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