Coffee Break (June 8)

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New WWUTT Video on the context of John 3:16. Listen and learn. Then share on social media so others can learn too!

Free Westminster Shorter Catechism

Ligonier is offering a free gift: An audio of The Westminster Shorter Catechism, read by Sinclair B. Ferguson, plus digital booklet. How nice!

Scripture Writing Plan

If you haven’t plugged into this ministry yet, this is a great way to start. provides monthly Scripture Writing Plans. They are simply beautiful. Print them out, and dig deep into God’s Word with the thought questions she provides in the article. The theme for June is “Praise the Lord.” I can’ think of a better way to kick off my Summer than with singing (or writing) praises to God! Don’t forget to join the Scripture Writing Facebook Group as well.

Grumbling About Others

The King Is Within Earshot “I have come to hate it. I hate it in others and hate it far more in myself. I hate that we feel free to speak poorly of other believers. I hate how easily we drop facts that are designed to make us think less of others instead of more. I hate how we feel better about ourselves when we’ve made our friends feel worse about someone else. I hate that we try to elevate ourselves by demeaning others.”

Grumbling About Life/ For the Car Ride

The message today has been loud and clear: Quit grumbling! Stop complaining about other people (read above article), and stop complaining about your [my] circumstances. Summer and Joy deliver another great podcast on the perils of discontentment. Listen here.

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