Coffee Break (June 6)

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Free for Kids
  • Kids of Integrity— I’ve used several of these lessons with my kids. They are great for character training as we disciple our children “by the way.” Little gems! And their PDFs are beautifully done. Oh ya, and they’re free!
Fidget Spinners… Ugh.
  • Are any other mamas out there getting weary of this craze and the crazy false news surrounding this silly toy? I snoped it out. “Rating: mixture.” Sigh.
  • Special Revelation and the Work of the Spirit  “But how do we know when it’s actually the Holy Spirit, and not just a heavy conscience, a strong personal desire, or emotion-driven enthusiasm? For that matter, what’s to say it wasn’t simply some bad pizza?”
  • The Church’s Prayer   Let’s take a good hard look at how Jesus instructs us to pray. Are we obeying?
For the Car Ride
  • The Solas Series  This might be a bit self-serving, but this is a great sermon series delivered by my husband, Pastor Nate Pickowicz. Full of rich history and application for today. Learn about the Reformation and why we’re Protestant. So good.
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