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When Parents Must Contradict Culture (video)

In this 10 minute vidoe, Jason Cook asks Jen Wilkin and Greg Thornbury, “What cultural message have you, as a parent, worked hardest to condradict?”

Tesla Bees

Beekeepers Sweeten Solar Sites With the ‘Tesla of Honey’ “By pairing pollinators with solar farms, Travis and Chiara Bolton are reimagining commercial beekeeping.”

C.S. Lewis?

Who was C.S. Lewis? “In terms of impact, Lewis is often described as one of the greatest Christian apologists of the twentieth century. The great strength of his writing is in connecting spiritual ideas to everyday experience. Lewis’ approach to defending the faith is simple, and direct, yet profound. Rather than grappling with convoluted philosophy, his writing explains Christianity in terms easily understood by all readers. For Lewis, faith in Christ wasn’t some irrational leap into the dark. Instead, it was a submission to common sense: an acknowledgement of everything daily life already tells us.”

Instragram Updates and Your Teens

What Every Parent Needs to Know About the Update on Instagram “Due to the new evasive features Instagram now offers along with the lack of parental monitoring abilities, Brave Parenting no longer recommends this app as an introductory app. Compound the new features with the research verifying the mental health issues and it’s difficult to even recommend it for adults. It’s voluminously attractive features are enough to captivate and addict a strongly self-disciplined adult. How much more would it capture a  brain-still-developing and maturing child?”

P.S. FOMO means “fear of missing out.” I never knew.

For the Car Ride

The Early Years of Jesus’ Life In this broadcast R.C. Sproul addresses those strange extra-biblical writings that teach false information about the early life of Christ. And he gives us insight into the truth of what the synoptic gospels say about Christ in His infancy and boyhood. Also, to my great joy, he encourages women to memorize Luke 1:46-55, Mary’s song of praise, “The Magnificat.” This is a good one!

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