Coffee Break (June 27)

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Best Book in the Bible

Why Matthew is the Best Book in the Bible This is the newest addition to the Best Book in the Bible Series. “With the exception of Luke, no other New Testament book captures more of the spoken words of Jesus than Matthew. And while, yes, all of Scripture is His word, this Gospel offers so much of what our Lord was teaching the disciples while on earth. No doubt, the Sermon on the Mount is a must-read and a must-learn; a joyous challenge for every Christian believer. Matthew’s Gospel puts on display the wisdom, tenderness, and divine majesty of our Glorious King.”

Inerrancy Matters (video)

Al Mohler tells us (in less than 7 minutes) Why Inerrancy Matters. This is a must listen. “God speaks only truth. He is himself truth… When the Scripture speaks, God speaks.”

Baking Bucket List

15 Must-Make Cakes to Bake Before Summer Ends “You know how some people have a summer bucket list? Picnic on the beach, run the full loop around the park, eat at least one whole tomato per day (grape tomatoes excluded), read a book a week, catch a sunrise or two?

I have that, too… only my list consists exclusively of the cakes I want to bake while the summer’s sweetest fruits are still here. Squidgy, buttery, lemony-bright, and good for wrapping in parchment and toting on the bus, these are the cakes I’ll miss most once apple season’s in full swing and we’re flinging cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa like confetti.”

Small Group Not Church

Why Your Small Group Cannot Be Your Church “Just as you need all of your body rather than just a small group of your body parts—so it is with the church.  You need more than your Saturday morning coffee group.  You need more than your Sunday school class.  Yes, those groups are essential and profitable for your spiritual growth—but you still need more.”

For the Car Ride

The Gospel: Self-Love or Self-Hate? This broadcast from June 26th is drawn from a full-length sermon of John MacArthur. “So here we are with the gospel, going to a generation of people who are not only proud, but they’ve turned pride into the virtue of all virtues, who are in love with themselves, and who seek to fulfill every whim, and every desire, and every ambition, and every dream, and every hope; who seek to be everything that they can be, who seek to set value on all that they are, and all that they say, and all that they do.  And we confront that culture with the gospel, and at the heart of the gospel is this opening.  “So you want to follow Jesus, do you?  You want to enter the Kingdom of God?  You want your sins forgiven?  You want eternal heaven?  Then deny yourself and take up your cross and fully submit to Him.”  You can’t even get to the submitting part unless you can get past the cross part, and you can’t get there if you can’t get past the part about denying yourself.” (29 minutes)

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