Coffee Break (June 23)

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Spiritually Malnourished

Are You Spiritually Malnourished?  “In short, the Christian life is not easy.  There will be times where we feel weak and anemic in the faith.  Have you ever left church feeling as if you’re not growing in your faith?  Is that your pastor’s fault?  Is that your church’s fault?  Can we blame Satan?  Who is to blame for your spiritual condition?  When you feel malnourished spiritually, you should take time to evaluate your spiritual life and ask yourself three very important questions.”

A Mom, Son, Basic Training, and the Gospel

In this article Judi Prince reflects on sending her son to boot camp. My son is only six, and this one got me. “The day one of our sons left for Army basic training was a hard day. I did not expect it to be easy, but I also did not expect it to be one of the most difficult days I have ever had. Was it because I knew he would never live with us again? That now, the in-home part of our parenting was over? Was it the nature of his mission with the U.S. military? Was it the separation from someone I love dearly? Was it the difficulties that I knew he would face as an SIT (soldier-in-training) or if he is one day deployed in battle? Was it because I knew he would come back different?

In answer to all of these questions, all I can say is, yes to each one of them. What I know for sure is that it hurt. I grieved in a place that I didn’t know existed, a place deep, down in my soul. It was one of my hardest days. As I sat there crying, knowing I needed to “get it together” because our four youngest daughters were home, I remembered God the Father. In my grief, sitting in our family room, I was reminded that God the Father, out of his great love for us, for me, gave—was separated from—his beloved Son, the one in whom he was well-pleased. The father knew his Son would bear the punishment for sin, the very wrath of the Father who loved him.”

Meaningless Chatter

Are You Having Godly Conversations or Participating in Meaningless Chatter? “Ladies, do I see opportunities with other women to catch up on the latest fashion trends, critiquing the contestants in the most recent singing or dancing contest on television, or do I gladly see them as opportunities to ‘teach what is good’?”

Good Medicine

This dog is so busted

For the Car Ride

My husband just started a new preaching series in the book of Colossians. This is one of my favorite books to study, and I’m excited that he chose to preach through it. Anyway, thought you might want to catch it at the gate. Here it is!  (44 minutes)

Have a great weekend ladies!

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