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Father’s Day: Follow Me

Follow Me As I Follow Christ “Father’s Day always makes me reflect on how grateful I am for my dad, especially for the way he handled pain. When I was growing up, I always knew my father suffered from very bad arthritis (he often injured his joints in his early wrestling days). Rarely would I see him grimace, but if he did, it was only for an instant, then he’d continue with his trademark smile. As a proud daughter, I loved his attitude. But after I broke my neck, I needed my father’s example. His approach to pain inspired me to do as he did: grimace at the hardship, then gather myself and trust God. It was my way of imitating my dad.”

Cosmic Treason

Sin is Cosmic Treason “Sin is communicated in our day in terms of making mistakes or of making poor choices. When I take an examination or a spelling test, if I make a mistake, I miss a particular word. It is one thing to make a mistake. It is another to look at my neighbor’s paper and copy his answers in order to make a good grade. In this case, my mistake has risen to the level of a moral transgression. Though sin may be involved in making mistakes as a result of slothfulness in preparation, nevertheless, the act of cheating takes the exercise to a more serious level. Calling sin “making poor choices” is true, but it is also a euphemism that can discount the severity of the action. The decision to sin is indeed a poor one, but once again, it is more than a mistake. It is an act of moral transgression.”

Royal Portraits

This article has got me thinking that maybe my mom had it right all along. I thought she was out to torture me, but maybe she was just thinking like the Royal Family. I was the child in the “Polly Flinders” dresses, knee socks, and saddle shoes until, like, sixth grade. Sigh. No ear piercings or high heels until I turned 13! Yeah… 1996, that was a big year for me.

Pray Them Home

Pray Them Home: Three Prayers for Prodigal Children “We will only be bold enough to pray a prayer of brokenness over our children when we ourselves have been broken before God and trust his love for our children and us. It’s only when we have completely surrendered our children to him that we can pray, “Father, use what you must to save my child from an eternity apart from you, no matter the cost.”

For the Car Ride

Spiritually Living, Yet Still Stinking This is an older sermon by John MacArthur. But listen ladies, before you skim on by, this is a good one! So download it for a couple of car rides. You will be blessed and educated. (1 hr 6 minutes)

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