Coffee Break (June 16)

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Seeking Forgiveness

Seeking Forgiveness “We have all experienced the painful persistence of unresolved conflict. Like a fox in the field, it eats away at the harvest of our joy. Christians who are supposed to enjoy a closeness sealed by love are tripped up by the common tactics of this fallen world. As a result, we distance ourselves from each other physically only after we do so emotionally. Reconciliation is needed. But what happens when peace is achieved?”

Red Onions Have Super Powers

This is good news for me. I love them! And I’ll remember, when I’m piling them high on my greasy cheeseburgers this summer, that I’m doing it for my heath.

Book Review

It Happens After Prayer “Prayerlessness plagues our evangelical culture. We are too quick to talk about politics and too quick to enter theological debates. Meanwhile, we are too slow to pray.

If someone says something about us online, our phone vibrates. If we get an email, it interrupts whatever we are doing. Yet how often do we push pause on our day to take our petitions to the Lord? Not often enough.

It Happens After Prayer, by H. B. Charles Jr., powerfully confronts prayerlessness. Charles’ argument is simple—if you don’t pray, God doesn’t act. “

Cute Little Bird

When the Massage is Too Good. This is good medicine. Much needed for me this Friday. Have a great weekend ladies.

For the Car Ride

Truth For Life: Humility “Psychologists are often very concerned about boosting “self image.” They view pride as virtue and humility as a danger to mental health. But Scripture reveals that true humility is a source of joy. We’ll recapture a biblical understanding of ourselves on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg!” (25 minutes)

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