Coffee Break (June 15)

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The Topography of Tears

A Stunning Aerial Tour of the Landscape of Human Emotion Through an Optical Microscope. These images are amazing. Against the backdrop of the progressive left agenda articulated with perfunctory and erudite verbiage, all I could see was that the “tears of redemption” were cross-shaped. Lord, you are so amazing!

Apps to Avoid Sunburn

These Free Apps Will Help You Avoid Sunburn “There are actually a handful of smartphone apps that can help you monitor your time in the sun, yell at you like mom when you need to apply sunscreen, and make suggestions on when you should head indoors (or at least under that tree for a while) to prevent getting too toasty.”

John Piper Video

How I Process the Moral Failures of My Historical Heroes This short video is timely and penetrating. “Be slow to pass final judgement on a Luther or an Edwards or a King. Instead we should be consciously aware of their sins and … call out the sins and … watch out for its effects in their books. That’s really important… What could, in his theology or in his sermons, have been effected… so we don’t get contaminated by that… Be thankful that we can judge their writings’ usefulness by Scripture and not by their life.”

In Case You Missed It

Life Lessons from the Laundry Room “And now, every time I shake my starch can and posture over my ironing board, which isn’t all that often, I can’t help but think of her, though I think of her often. And I think of the vast chasm between our generations. How she was disciplined in her chores, worked without complaint, maintained order and peace in her home. She attended to mending garments, darning socks, changing bed linens– weekly, making three square meals– daily. And I think about myself, how we women today don’t have time for these menial tasks. We are busy. We order take-out, toss out the shirt that is missing one button, buy wrinkle-free clothes, and wrinkle our noses at the monotonous activity of the homemaker.”

For the Car Ride

You gals know how much I love debunking superstitions! Listen here to R.C. Sproul’s recent installment of Renewing Your Mind, The Myth of Chance (26 minutes).

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