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Recognizing Idolatry

Learn to Recognize an Idol Before it Rules Your Life “An exercise I was shown in a Biblical Counselling class at the Master’s University for uprooting idols was Psalm 18. Basically, you read through Psalm 18 and consider whether or not it is God who you would relate this psalm to, or if it is an idol. Throughout the psalm, David refers to God as his refuge, rock, shield, horn of his salvation, and stronghold. Is God your rock in difficult times? Is God your shield when you are being attacked? Is God your refuge when you are afraid? Or do you look to something else?”

Finger Kaleidoscope

This video is so neat!

Flag Day History

How the American Flag Pattern Got So Popular “Originally, government buildings and military outposts flew the flag as a utilitarian identification marker. “For the first two thirds of our nations history, it was almost unheard of for individual Americans to fly the flag or display the flag,” says Leepson.

That changed when the Confederates attacked the Union outpost Fort Sumter in Charleston, S.C., in April of 1861, in what would be the start of the Civil War.

‘It has been said that when the flag came down in Fort Sumter, it went up everywhere in the North — almost like magic,” Leepson adds. “This was the beginning of what historians called ‘the cult of the flag,’ an almost religious feelings that the Americans have for the stars and stripes.’ ”

How Deep is Your Love for the Bible?

8 Ways to Measure Your Love for the BibleYou show your love for the Word by reading it diligently. Your heart is a library meant to hold the Word of God. It is a map that charts the way to heaven and deserves to be pored over every day. It alone has the double power to teach and judge you. The person who will not be taught by the Word shall in the end by judged by the Word.”

For the Car Ride

This one is for the kiddos – Paws and Tales Episode 36: “The Tribe.”
“C.J. tries to bring peace between ‘The Club’ and Hugh. Being a peacemaker is certainly what God would want, right? But C.J.’s idea to bring the ‘two tribes’ together explodes when his methods betray his good intentions.” (27 minutes.)

These little podcasts are so cute. Moms, there is also an accompanying printable for each episode that helps parents teach through the topics in the episodes. This one is Tools for Parents Study Guide for “The Tribe.” To be honest, I don’t really do these, but you may enjoy them!

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