Coffee Break (June 13)

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On the Holy Spirit

Recognizing the Holy Spirit’s Work Today “Jesus Himself compared the will of the wind to the work of God’s Spirit (John 3:8). Those who have seen His work know His reality. And yet, very little of the Spirit’s work is properly recognized by God’s people today. As a consequence, too much concentration focuses on the subjective experience of the Spirit rather than the broader dimensions of His reality. So the present article focuses first on the objective work of the Spirit, and then on His subjective work.”

Flag Etiquette for Kids

Our family is getting ready for Flag Day by learning about flag etiquette. Check out this article and the links within it to find fun free printables on Old Glory and flag etiquette.

Should We Expect More from Our Young Men?

Expect More from Young Men “Finding something to do is as simple as paying attention. But our society doesn’t expect boys to do that anymore, and we have all kinds of excuses we make for them. If we don’t train boys to pay attention to others, make sacrifices, take risks, and work hard, we’ll rob them of the full and fruitful lives they are capable of.”

Halo Top Review

I’m sorry, I had to share this. It is almost summer after all. And if you are anything like me, you’ll be hunting for those elusive no sugar, low sugar, no calorie, low calorie sweet treats when the hot temps hit. Here’s the best and worst of Halo Top. Ummm… yeah. You’re welcome?

For the Car Ride

What are you dealing with today: a long list of errands, a family crisis, a medical problem? No matter your circumstances, you can face them with joy if you’re focused on what’s ahead if you’re a Christian. Learn to look beyond the present to your glorious future in John MacArthur’s study Transforming Hope.

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