Coffee Break (June 12)

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New Books You Should Know

“On average, we publish around 150 book reviews a year at The Gospel Coalition. Ecclesiastes 12:12 rings true: “Of making many books there is no end.” It’s impossible to read, let alone review, each one. But in addition to our steady line of reviews, we want to highlight other books you should know about. This is our monthly installment of brief book notices from Fred Zaspel.”

Feasting on the Word of God

“And yet, as every Christian well knows, the old mind is still there with its habits of self-preoccupation, cravings for sensation, vain imaginations, and its appetite for what is cheap and gross. The old mind is the culprit that keeps us going back to the spiritual junk food. The old mind is the subtle enemy that keeps us feeding only on milk when we should be going on to meat. The old mind is what keeps us from being transformed and more committed to Christ and His Word. Many believers find themselves in a seeming holding pattern as they struggle with the besetting sins of their former lives. That’s because the key to breaking the cycle is often hidden right under our noses.”

Summer Pie Problems Solved

One of the best parts about summer is picking fruit, or gathering it from your local farmers’ market, and baking a pie with your sun-kissed bounty. Oh yum. My absolute favorite is blueberry pie. It is quintessential New England and these berries blanket the landscape up here in the summer; you can pick them wild just about anywhere. Blueberry is a pie I can handle. However, my husband’s favorite pie is lemon meringue. I tried making it once and vowed never to try again. But since this article is solving all my summer pie woes maybe I’ll try my hand at it one more time. After all, what is summer good for if it’s not good for baking pie!

Flag Day

Did you know that “Flag Day” is Old Glory’s birthday? I don’t remember celebrating this as a kid, but this year I’m compelled to bake a cake, or maybe a patriotic pie now that my pie problems are solved. Providentially, I’ve been working a little bit on the kids’ history curriculum for next year and there is a whole section on the American flag and flag etiquette –some things I never knew, and things our generation has forgotten. Since this Wednesday is “Flag Day,” I’m going to be posting some articles about the flag, Flag Day, flag etiquette, and kid activities for Flag Day over the next few days. Stay tuned.

For the Car Ride

New 9 Marks episode on the importance of corporate prayer

“In many evangelical churches, the public prayers are casual, short, and few. Is that a problem? How does this contemporary situation compare to the history of Protestant churches? How should pastors seek to reinvigorate their churches’ prayer practices?

Jonathan sat down with Mark to discuss all these questions and more.”

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