Coffee Break (July 7)

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Gloria Furman, Alive in Him Excerpt

A Sweeping View of Redemptive History “Ephesians presents the sweeping panorama of history—from before the world began to after God re-creates all things at the end of this age. The stage was set in the mind of God since before time began, and the scenes move quickly. They even jump back and forth in time. Always, though, always running along is the almost slow-motion feeling of being swept up into the starry host to see the new heavens and the new earth being born. By grace we were chosen to participate in the drama. Could there be a greater privilege in all the universe?”

Love– Not Tolerance

The Biblical Command Is Love– Not Tolerance “The culture today is swimming in a sea of tolerance.  The politically correct behavior today is centered on tolerance and we’re commanded to tolerate everyone and every idea that comes our way.  Interestingly enough, many Christians in the church stand directly opposed to that type of ideology and rightly so.  However, many of the same Christians are unwilling to tolerate false doctrines and cultural movements, but they want to merely tolerate their fellow church members rather than engaging in the hard work of love.”

Nickelodeon Slime Recipe

How To Make Classic Nickelodeon Slime I couldn’t resist sharing this! In all truth– my parents never let me watch You Can’t Do That On Television. But I did love Double Dare and What Would You Do… I still remember the song, “What-what-what would you, what-what-what would you, what-what-what would you do?” C’mon you know it!

Be Vigilant Over Your Entertainment

Discerning Entertainment “Entertainment of all sorts can be a wonderful way to rest and recuperate from the busyness, noise, and struggles of life. Entertainment allows our imaginations to travel the world and explore the universe, to go on adventures with hobbits and knights in shining armor, to go back in time and experience history, and to better understand people and our culture. But we must always guard our eyes and our hearts. For we cannot even begin to understand all the ways that Hollywood has affected us. Entertainment affects our minds, our homes, our culture, and our churches. Consequently, we must be vigilant as we use discernment in how we enjoy entertainment—looking to the light of God’s Word to guide us and inform our consciences.”

For the Car Ride

The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen “Lee Webb is joined by Sinclair Ferguson to discuss the life and ministry of John Owen and the practical lessons we can learn from this 17th century pastor and theologian.” (26 minutes)

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