Coffee Break (July 6)

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Pastor’s Wife on Pedestal

Don’t Put Your Pastor’s Wife on a Pedestal “Your Pastor’s wife doesn’t belong on a pedestal. She belongs on the pew next to you. She is like you—a sinner in need of grace. Yet many of you have a false idea of her perfection. You think she perfectly submits to her husband, cooks hearty meals without a mess, disciplines her children with little work, mentors every woman in the church, and serves mightily no matter how busy she is. This sounds like Mrs. Proverbs 31, but perhaps we are missing the point. Your pastor’s wife may do a lot of the things mentioned above, but she only does even the smallest thing by the grace of God. And she does not do it perfectly or without hardship. Just ask her.”

Sloggin’ Bloggin’

Slogging Blogging “Slogging is doing things that are difficult, things that are repetitive, things that do not return immediate results or pay quick dividends. It’s continuing to advance against obstacles, to find paths around whatever hinders progress. It’s knowing what matters and doing those things with tenacity, with determination. It’s grit. It’s sticktoitivness. It’s believing in what you do enough to keep doing it when you don’t see obvious results and just want to give up.”

True Freedom

True Freedom “Although, when I ponder my American citizenship I’m reminded by Scripture that I am only a sojourner in this land. My true citizenship belongs to the Kingdom of Christ and is my first priority. Hebrews 13:14 says, “For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” The truth is, no government or political organization can grant, negotiate, purchase or facilitate true freedom. True freedom is only granted by God the Father, purchased by the precious blood of Christ and facilitated by the Holy Spirit to liberate us from the tyranny of sin that reigns in us (Romans 68:1-3).”

Fire Crackers!

Fire Crackers Recipe “Forget about the fancy potluck party snack. We’re introducing you to the Fire Cracker, also known as the Alabama Fire Cracker. It’s simple. It’s delicious. It’s addictive. Bake them– or don’t bake them. Just make sure you shake them really well.”

For the Car Ride

Legions, Tarot, and Brooms, Oh My! “The girls were joined this week by a special guest– their pastor, Jeff Durbin– to discuss the occult. How do we tell the difference between spiritual warfare and psychological issues? How has the occult crept in the church? Would Jeff Durbin punch a parrot in the face?” (1 hr, 9 min)

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