Coffee Break (July 28)

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Happy Friday! I won’t be posting Coffee Breaks next week– it’s VBS! See you for our next Coffee Break on Monday, August 7th.

New Scripture Writing Plan

A Narrow-Minded Woman’s Scripture Writing Plan for August is now out. She changed it up a bit, and I really love all the resources Kristy has added. Looks like, however, that you now have to join the Facebook group or sign up for the newsletter in order to access the writing plan documents.

What Is Modalism?

I was excited to see this new article from Got Questions because I was just sharing about this topic in my ladies’ theology group yesterday! And though “Modalistic Monarchianism” is wicked fun to say, well that’s about all it has going for it. This is a false teaching that attacks the very essence of the Trinity and the eternal sonship of Christ. Read up sisters! This is good stuff to improve our aplologetic.

Raw Material for Leadership

I love this post, Peter: Raw Material For Leadership, adapted from John MacArthur’s Twelve Ordinary Men (book and study.) “Are great leaders born or made? Peter is a strong argument for both. Without the Lord’s discipleship and tutelage, he never would have been more than a fisherman. But true leaders also require certain innate gifts—think of it as the raw material of leadership.”

Biblical Nonconformist

How to Be a Biblical Nonconformist “In this brief clip from his teaching series Pleasing GodR.C. Sproul explains the difference between superficial and biblical nonconformity.”

For the Car Ride

Women’s Hope Podcast Ep. 49: Biblical Mentorship with Ellen Castillo “Ellen Castillo is the founder of Word of Hope Ministries and and a certified biblical counselor with IABC. We talked with Ellen about her passion for generational ministry in the pattern of the whole context of Titus Chapter 2. Listen as we discuss how to develop intentional mentorship relationships with the women in your local church and sphere of influence.”

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