Coffee Break (July 27)

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Ways to Teach Kids Bible

In this article Pastor Jon Neilson share six ways to teach the Bible to kids.

Book Review

Check out Tim Challies book review on an A Practical Guide to Culture. He says, “[This book] is meant to help those who are helping the next generation navigate today’s world, and it does its job well.” This looks like a good one!

Biblical Solution to Productivity

The Biblical Solution to Unproductivity and Laziness: Begin with Your Heart Motive “Our productivity is often killed by our own selfish desires to serve ourselves rather than glorify God through doing something to the best of our ability.

The truly productive person is motivated by a desire to deny themselves, serve others, and glorify God with their time. Because of what God has done for them (dying on the cross to give them eternal life) their primary concern is showing others that same love and glorifying God in that.”

The End of the Easy Bake Oven?

This article from Food52 was neat! I loved my Easy Bake Oven– the big stick thing that you put the tiny little pans on, and then inserted into the side of the oven– that was the 80s version anyway. Oh memories! But what I found even more interesting is that there are entire books written about the history of the Easy Bake Oven.

For the Car Ride

Here’s a new podcast from For the Church Episode 010: Why Discipleship Matters, with Jared Wilson. “Maybe our failure to disciple the converts we make is why we’re making fewer converts.” (15 minutes)

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