Coffee Break (July 24)

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A Quick Fix for Low Self-Esteem

We all know gossip is a sin, but why are we (us women especially) so tempted to it? In this article Tim Challies sheds some light on this topic. “We gossip when our love for others is too low and our love for self is too high. After all, diminishing an enemy requires far less effort than personal growth.”

A Screwtape Letter

Destroy Her with Discontent is a clever yet chilling nod to The Screwtape Letters from author Rebekah Merkle.

Sing with the Lights On

In this article from For the Church, Pastor Ronni Kurtz gives us insight into the importance of corporate worship and the value of lowering the music and raising the lights.

Whack-a-Mole Theology

Kim Wine explains her “whack-a-mole theology” in the latest article from Women’s Hope Project, and I think many of us can relate. “I developed the view of God that He sat on His high, lofty throne in the sky waiting for me to mess up so He could whack me over the head.”

For the Car Ride

I appreciated this podcast from Sheologians this past week, and could relate to Joy’s perspective. Bitter Betty’s “Joy answers why she thinks bitterness is one of the biggest problems facing women in the church today, and what we should do about it. Then they discuss their Feminist of the Week.”

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