Coffee Break (July 21)

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One Morning in Maine Crockin’ Clam Chowda’

One of my great loves in life is children’s literature. And my other love is the ocean. So here is a recipe (handed down from an old friend in Maine.) It’s been adapted and inspired by one of my favorite children’s books, One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey. If you have never heard of him, consider this an introduction. He’s one of the greats! I love to get this chowder in a crockpot early in the morning before we go spend a day at the ocean. And it’s such a pleasant way to end a long beach day– a good book and a warm cuppa’ chowda’!

Bible Study Mistakes

7 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Studying the Bible “There are many methods to Bible study, some good and some not so good. And if you are studying the Bible incorrectly, you could be making a major mistake in your interpretation, application, and theology.”

Tarnished Hospitality

Our Miserable Tarnished Version of Hospitality “Hospitality is revealed to us throughout the entire Bible, not as something we do when the mood strikes, when my home is clean enough, or I have enough money in the grocery budget for a lavish meal. Rather, it is to reside within the very core of our lives.”

Submitting to Authority

Do you bristle under authority? Do you understand your Chirstian liberty? How are you to exercise your freedom in Christ and yet still remain under the authority of God? In this article, Living Under Authority, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains what our biblical response to authority should be.

For the Car Ride

I’m so enjoying this series, and I want to wrap up this week with Psalm 26 & 39: Peculiar Psalms. If you haven’t yet, get a hold of this series!

“Today, W. Robert Godfrey traces the progression of Psalms 49 and 50, and explores what they tell us about the wisdom and worship of God.” (26 minutes)

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