Coffee Break (July 20)

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David Murray Book Review

Here is a book review of David Murray’s latest book, Reset. I’m going to order this book for my pastor/writer husband and then steal it back! It looks so very helpful. And I love this quote from Daniel Patterson, “Not only is Reset an excellent book, but it’s also among the most-needed books I’ve seen in several years. Ministry is difficult in any age, but devices, distractions, and demands are omnipresent in our increasingly digital society. More still, these same societal pressures and digital tools can be intoxicating, demanding our attention while at the same time atrophying our ability to focus on the most meaningful work we’re called to do.”

New WWUTT Video

Study Shows Prayer Doesn’t Work “It’s one of the most popular studies skeptics have used to say, “See? Prayer doesn’t work!” But those skeptics, and those who conducted this study, don’t understand how prayer works. There are qualifications for prayer.”

Is Your Worship Anemic?

As New England church planters, my husband and I have seen far too much of the anemic worship Dr. Albert Mohler describes in this Tabletalk article. Thankfully, he prescribes the antidote as well.

Science Behind Caffeine

Yep, this video is about all about our favorite beverage and its effects.

For the Car Ride

I love this series so far, Learning to love the Psalms. This one is Psalm 11: The Power of Poetry. “The characteristics of Hebrew poetry are powerful. Today, W. Robert Godfrey considers the poetry of Psalm 11 to provide us with an interpretive grid to use as we study other psalms.” Don’t miss it! (26 minutes)

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