Coffee Break (July 19)

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Expectations of Others

Do You Have Different Expectations of Others Than God Does? From Autumn Beck: “Everyone who calls upon the name of Christ must be held to the biblical expectations the Lord has for us. This is important for us to remember when we feel tempted to hold members of the body to different standards which are outside God’s Word.”

New Book From Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung has a new book, The Art of Turning: From Sin to Christ For a Joyfully Clear Conscience, and this one looks interesting.

Superstitious Christian

Raised in an Irish-Catholic family, I carried a backpack full of superstitions I’ve unloaded along the way. This article, Don’t Be a Superstitious Christian, from Scott Redd was a good reminder.  You may also be interested in this article series,  Portraits of Superstition.

Celebrating R.C. Sproul (Belated)

R.C. Sproul Throgh the Years From Nathan W. Bingham, “July 18, 2017, marks the 52nd anniversary of the ordination of Dr. R.C.” This is just beautiful. So thankful for his ministry.

For the Car Ride

Music for the Church: Mark Dever Interviews Keith Getty “Mark Dever recently sat down with hymn writer and musician Keith Getty to talk about his hymn-writing, the effects of technology on church music, and more.”

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