Coffee Break (July 12)

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God Doesn’t Give Gifts Equally

The Beauty of Inequality “God does not give gifts equally. And when we’re the weaker one, it’s natural to start envying the stronger. Especially our sisters who are like us, except just a little better at everything, a little stronger, a little more put together. Joe Rigney says that envy tends to breed closest to home. I spend zero time fretting about how I measure against my heroes in the faith, like Corrie ten Boom. But I do take stock of how I compare with my generous friend Christy, or my bighearted sister Jessica.”

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Luther and the Reformation “Why are we celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation? Who was Martin Luther and what events led him to make a courageous stand for the gospel in the sixteenth century? Learn the answers in Luther and the Reformation, a 10-part series from R.C. Sproul, as he traces the major events of Luther’s life and explores the gospel recovered by Luther and the other Protestant Reformers.

For one week only, download Luther and the Reformation for free.”

Map Art Made By Kids

See the Amazing Kids’ Maps That Won a Global Contest “The maps submitted this year to the bi-annual Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition range from adorable to masterful. Nearly two hundred finalists from 34 different countries were on display at the annual meeting of the International Cartographic Association in Washington, D.C. last week. The aspiring artists and cartographers are all age 15 or younger, and the youngest is a 3-year-old from Bulgaria.”

The Mysterious Trinity

The Mysterious Trinity and Why It Matters “It is good for us to investigate answers to our questions, but some aspects of God remain incomprehensible to us as created man. The nature of God is one of those aspects that is both knowable and unknowable at the same time. While there is much we can understand about God’s nature, there is still much of God that our human minds cannot fully comprehend. The doctrine of the Trinity lands squarely in the middle of this gap between the omniscience of God and the limitation of man as something we can begin to grasp but only partially.”

For the Car Ride

Ep. 47: Butter is Far Superior to Margarine “Butter is better than margarine despite what recent reports from the AHA have stated. Likewise, godly sorrow is greater than worldly sorrow. We discuss the grace-gift of repentance on today’s episode.”

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