Coffee Break (July 11)

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Hospitality is Not Just for Home “When we think of hospitality, we often think of images from Martha Stewart or Good Housekeeping. But biblical hospitality is simple. It’s hosting a small group, inviting a neighbor to dinner, or listening to a friend over coffee. It can be done at home or in alternate ‘homes’—like coffee shops or restaurants—for those who lack enough space to host at home.”

Teens Who Choose Life

Teens Who Choose Life in Unplanned Pregnancies Need Support and Respect, Not Shame “May God’s people reach out in love and compassion to both unborn children and their moms. And may we demonstrate to teens that abortion really is never the answer.”

This Is Fun to Do With the Kiddos!

Simple Homemade Ice Cream “The laid back days of summertime are here, and we love finding new ways break up the day with some fun, kid friendly activities. Lately we’ve been hooked on this old school recipe for homemade ice cream! This classic recipe is always a crowd favorite, and adding our own twist with strawberries and basil finishings make it the perfect sunny day treat . Anyone can make it, and it only takes a few ingredients— you don’t even need an ice cream maker. The best part of this is that the clean up is easy, so parents, we promise you’ll appreciate the minimal mess.”

Psalm 22

The Suffering and the Glory of Psalm 22 “John Calvin in his commentary concluded that a sense of being forsaken by God, far from being unique to Christ or rare for the believer, is a regular and frequent struggle for believers. He wrote, ‘There is not one of the godly who does not daily experience in himself the same thing. According to the judgment of the flesh, he thinks he is cast off and forsaken by God, while yet he apprehends by faith the grace of God, which is hidden from the eye of sense and reason.’ We must not think that living the Christian life is easy or that we will not daily have to bear the cross.”

For the Car Ride

Pictures That Tell a Story (Part 2 of 2) “Jesus is a master storyteller and in His Sermon on the Mount, He told several parables to help illuminate spiritual lessons. On Truth For Life, Alistair Begg unpacks these word pictures as our series called A Christian Manifesto continues.”

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