Coffee Break (August 7)

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We had a great VBS last week, but I really missed my nightly routine of creating these “Coffee Breaks.” So glad to be back in the swing of things!

No Laptops Allowed

Why I’m Not Allowing Laptops in My Seminary Class, by Kevin DeYoung. I have to say, reading this article made me miss my formal teaching days. (Once upon a time I was a middle school Language Arts teacher.) It even made me miss being a college student. And it even got me a little giddy about teaching reading at the homeschool co-op this year. Deep down to the marrow of my bones, I am a teacher. And the very word “pedagogy” makes me want to sit down and have a long conversation about ideals, values and goals of education, and the methods and practice of its various constructs. But I digress… As a teacher myself, I absolutely love this sentiment! “For pedagogical reasons, I would still be against laptops. I don’t want students glued to the screen. I’m not trying to get students to guess what my lecture notes look like. I’m not trying to test their not-taking abilities by quizzing them on the most obscure bits of every lecture. I am not aiming to develop court stenographers. If the goal is to produce an exact replica of my notes, I can give them my notes! But I want them engaged with me. I want eyeballs. I want ears. Can I be so bold as to say, I even want hearts.”


Ever wonder why God created mosquitoes? Got Questions answers it in this article.

All About Peter

I’m loving this series from Grace to You. These articles are derived from John MacArthur’s book, Twelve Extraordinary Men. Here are the most recent links:

Peter: The Compassionate and Courageous Leader
Peter: The Servant Leader
Peter: The Submissive Leader

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Kinda’ bummed I didn’t get the memo that Saturday was “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.” I would have been all over that! Anyway, William Sonoma apparently has the corner on The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. Gonna have to try this recipe!

For the Car Ride

WWUTT 490 Q&A Lifestyle Goals Podcasting Church? “Responding to questions from listeners about churches that accept sinful lifestyles, setting goals for a church, podcasting, and the Church of Christ. (35 minutes)

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