Coffee Break (August 29)

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Christian Hedonism

Ligonier shared this article by John Piper.  This topic never gets old for me. “What I call ‘Christian Hedonism’ is a way of life rooted in the conviction that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. The implications of this conviction are all-encompassing and thrilling, including the stunning truth that all true virtue and all true worship necessarily include the pursuit of happiness in God.”

What’s the Deal with Crop Circles?

Got Questions cuts to the chase with their latest article.

The Amazing Lumo Project

Apparently I live under a rock because I hadn’t heard of this before today. In this article from The Gospel Coalition, Justin Taylor shares about this project. “I am a big fan of the Lumo Project, which is seeking—for the first time—to film all four Gospels as feature films, using only the unabridged biblical text as their script.”

Cheerios… and Righteousness

I love this article by Lianna Davis with For The Church: Cheerios, Transience, Sticky Fingers, and Righteousness. Take in this poetic piece. “I saw an edited picture the other day, a double exposure making a child’s head look like it was filled with Cheerios. And I sure could cut-back more on my baby’s Cheerios—I laughed at it, I think out loud. But I wonder what exactly we’re doing online sharing our hearts and our good messages. Part of it is so very good but part makes me want to sign off forever to de-clutter my brain of the many, many pieces of little Cheerios that I no longer digest.”

For the Car Ride

It’s been a few weeks and I need to catch up on Sheologians. I finally got to listen to this one this morning, It’s A Trap! “Summer goes to ASU and talks to millennials, laments to Joy, and this episode was born. What is the world’s laziest argument? Why should you know anything about the Old Testament? How can you tell if your arguments are consistent or not? WHY DOES IT MATTER? Then Summer gives Joy the test question that doctors use to analyze if someone is psychotic or not, and they cover their feminist of the week. It’s a doozy.” (45 minutes)

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