Coffee Break (August 22)

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One Little Word Shall Fell Him

What “One Little Word” Will Fell Satan? “The identity of this word should matter to us. Most Protestant churches still sing this ‘Battle Hymn of the Reformation’ regularly in worship. It does little good to know that a single word will take down the raging Prince of Darkness if we have no idea what that word is. So, what word might Luther have in mind?”

When The Chariot of Guilt Rolls In To Town

In this article, Erik Raymond with For The Church shares about guilt and our biblical response to it. “It is spiritually deadly to assuage that guilt by quickly cobbling together a patchwork quilt of our own merit. We become like a guy whose house is burning down and is scurrying to grab the valuables. Instinctively, we grab our morality, spiritual disciplines, and legacy of faithfulness. We then run out of the house set aflame by guilt but realize everything we are carrying is burned up. It has no value. It can’t remove guilt after all.”

Scripture Memory Method

In this article from Kim Wine of Women’s Hope Project, A Scripture Memory Method that Actually Works, Kim shares a podcast interview, with Susan Heck, along with some effective tips for memorizing Scripture. Don’t miss this rich resource!

Japanese Iced Coffee Method

This iced coffee method is so precise it puts my (what I once thought good) iced coffee to shame. I confess, I will likely never make time to weigh my coffee and measure my ice cubes. But doesn’t it look ahhhmazing?

For the Car Ride

A powerful and poignant sermon from John MacArthur: How to Evangelize Religious People “But Jesus did not accept religious people. In fact, He kept His fiercest threats for them. You see, Jesus was not about sentimentality; He was about truth. Jesus is truth personified. He is the living manifestation of the holy law of God, and as such, He perfectly understood that religion, spiritual teaching, contrary to the truth comes from hell and sends people there. Anything but the truth is a damning deception that has the greatest power to destroy souls forever because it gives the illusion that all is well. In fact, I would go so far as to say that of all the evils in the world, of all the sins in the world, of all the iniquities in the world, our Lord knew that religion was the worst — false religion — and especially false Judaism and false Christianity. And that’s why the severest eternal judgment will be rendered for the religious who perverted the Old Testament and the New Testament.” (56 minutes)

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