Coffee Break (August 21)

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Reclaiming Joy

Autumn Beck, of Women’s Hope Project, gives us four helpful tips to reclaim our joy. This one resonated with me. It is so easy for me to slip into discontentment and frustration. And I like what she said here, “Realizing that we have been living in a pattern of sin can make righteous living seem a far-off or impossible task. But, like contentment and a heart for serving one another, being joyful can be learned. We aren’t regenerated and all of a sudden have the perfect righteous heart. That’s the beauty of progressive sanctification! God graciously walks with us through this life.”

Finding Devotional Time

In this article, Lara d’Entremont of Renewed in Truth has gathered some helpful tips from women on social media on how to find time to get into God’s Word. This was such a fun read! You might recognize some of the contributors…

 Your Sanctification is a Gift to Others

I hadn’t much thought of my sanctification in the way Tim Challies describes it in this article. Not only the sanctification itself, but the means by which it is produced is a gift to others. “The means God uses to sanctify us are a gift to the rest of the church so others can be encouraged by our faith, so they can be motivated by our endurance, so they can weep with us who weep and rejoice with us who rejoice.” God is so faithful to use our trials for our good and His glory.

Some Fun Solar Eclipse Stuff

I just wanted to share with you some fun things the kids and I will be doing today to enjoy and learn about the solar eclipse:

Surprising Ways Animals React to the Solar Eclipse: The kids will think this article is funny. And maybe there is an animal your children can observe and note any behavioral changes.

This video and This Video About the Solar Eclipse: I’ve been reading all these warnings about viewing the solar eclipse, and I did buy the special glasses, but I’m still not sure I trust my 3 year old to keep them on here face! So I wanted to find a  couple of short educational video as well.

A Commemorative Coloring Page: This is a cute way to remember where you were and what you were doing on the day of the solar eclipse!

An Easy Craft Project: We might not get around to it, but this looks like a fun and easy project.

For the Car Ride

Cary Gephart of this new podcast Five for Fruit talks with Nate Pickowicz on his new book, Why We’re Protestant: An Introduction to the Five Solas of the Reformation. (50 minutes)

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