Coffee Break (August 10)

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Memorize Scripture

Your Deadliest Weapon Against the Devil: Eight Reasons to Memorize Scripture This one is my favorite: “Memorizing Scripture guards my mind, making it easier for me to detect error. The world is filled with error because the god of this world is a liar.”

Amazing Accents

I keep watching this video because I love it. And on my fourth viewing, I  finally thought I would share it with you! She’s so very talented. Love the Transatlantic accent. Why is that not a thing anymore?

Caring for Widows

This is honestly a topic I haven’t thought too much about. But the Bible tells us that true and undefiled religion is caring for widows and orphans. In his article, Do You Care About the Widows? R.C. Sproul states, “In this article, I want to focus particularly on widows. Widows and their care figure prominently in the agenda that God has set for His church. One of the earliest problems that arose in the Apostolic church was that the widows were being neglected. And if that was a problem in the first-century church, how much more likely is it that we, twenty centuries later, would be guilty of neglecting the widows in our midst?”

Spiritual Drought

In this article, Kimberly Cummings shares Four Simple Solutions to Spiritual Drought. This is an excellent article. “As women who follow Jesus Christ, it is not completely uncommon to find ourselves in a season of spiritual drought. I have found myself in that dry and dreary place more than once.  Maybe you have, too. Spiritual droughts are evidence of the reality that we are saved sinners living in a broken world, ever needful of our Savior.”

For the Car Ride

The Priority of Worship from Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul. “One of the most neglected contributions of the Reformation is its emphasis on the importance of public worship. Today, Sinclair Ferguson considers why reforming worship is of the utmost importance for the church worldwide in the future.” (26 minutes)

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