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What Prayer Actually Is

What Prayer Actually Is (and Six Things It’s Not) “But used in the proper, biblical sense, meditation is a good and necessary practice. Meditation is not, however, the same as prayer. David spoke often in the Psalms of meditation. But what did he meditate upon? A careful study of Scripture will show you that David and others meditated upon the Word of God (Psalm 119:97Psalm 1:2Joshua 1:8Psalm 77:11-12Romans 12:2). A biblical definition of meditation, then, would be to reflect upon God’s Word and His work. Biblical meditation is firm, sure, and steadfast because of Whom is the focus.”

The July Night Sky

Sparkly Meteors and 7 More Can’t-Miss Sky Events in July “The night skies will also showcase two of the largest planets in the solar system this month, while early mornings offers superb views of Earth’s neighboring planet, Venus, as it pairs up with the moon and a star that marks a cosmic bull’s eye.

So dust off those binoculars, and mark your July calendar!”

Vacation Bible School

VBS Is Worth the Cost “Hosting VBS is not just costly, it is difficult. Many churches aim VBS invitations at unchurched families in the area. Caring for some of these kids and holding their attention is just plain hard. For volunteers, VBS week is physically and emotionally demanding.”

Southern Sweet Tea

William Sonoma, How to Make Southern-Style  Sweet Tea “Sure, we live in a time where people are trying to consume less sugar, but like so many of the treasured regional recipes… sweet tea is a tradition. The ritual of making and drinking it has been passed down through generations, and the memories associated with it are as sweet as the drink itself.”

For the Car Ride

Pray Like You Mean It “Christians have direct access to the One True God through prayer. What constitutes an effective prayer life? This question has left many believers confused and often frustrated because they feel like they aren’t getting it right. What makes prayer so important? What are the elements of good prayers? What kind of prayers should we pray? Who is to be the focus of our prayers?”

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