BTBD: Week 44 – Man and Society

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Blogging Through Biblical Doctrine
Have you wanted to read a theology book, but haven’t known where to begin? In this series, Jess is blogging through John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue’s book, Biblical Doctrine. Print the study guides at the bottom of each post (or on the Resources page) and follow along!  Also, be sure to join the associated women’s Facebook page to discuss the study with other Christian women.  Finally, if you want to go back and start at the beginning you may find the Introduction article here.

Thank you for praying along with me as I have been praying about how to get these study guides out to you more efficiently. I decided to change a few things, and I pray you will find them changed for the better.

First, I’ve made a decision to nix a step in the study guide creating process. The problem is, I only have so much time in my week to work on these, and I want to spend that precious time studying, praying, and meditating on the material set before us. So, I hope you aren’t too upset, but I’ve decided to discontinue trying to make the study guides all pretty and color-coded. As much as I love the idea, it’s just not my gifting. And I found myself spending more time than I could stand fiddling around with this free design program that was continually giving me trouble, most likely due more to user error than program glitches. I think this change is for the best– at least for my own sanity.

Second, I’ve decided to deliver these study guides to you chapter by chapter, in the form of packets. Our current chapter, chapter six, is an exception because it is broken up into two parts, so I’m delivering it in two packets. The first packet you’ll receive today on anthropology. Yes, you’ve completed most of it, so you only need to print off the last lesson in the packet– Lesson Six. I’m hoping to have the second part, hamartiology, delivered to you next Thursday. In the long run, this will be a time saver for me as well because it will decrease the number of blog posts I’ll have to create.

The lessons are still broken down by approximately 10 page increments. And, as always, you can go at any pace you like. I’ll do my best to get these packets to you in a timely manner, and I’ll send some updates on my progress via Facebook and Twitter.

A few last things I like about the changes– you’ll notice there is now room to write your answers in the packet. And the margins are normal, so when you hole-punch the pages you aren’t punching through text. (It’s the little things!) I couldn’t figure out how to fix the margins with the fancy program I was using before.

Thank you for being patient with me. As the first group to go through this study as I am writing it, you ladies are my guinea pigs. I appreciate you! My prayer is that this study guide for Biblical Doctrine will be a long-standing resource on this site. And I pray these tweaks along the way will  only serve to improve and strengthen it as a study tool.

Without further ado, here is the study guide for chapter six, part one Chapter Six: Anthropology and Hamartiology, Part One.

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