Blogging Through Biblical Doctrine: Introduction – What Are We In For?

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Blogging Through Biblical Doctrine
Have you wanted to read a theology book, but haven’t known where to begin? In this series, Jess is blogging through John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue’s book, Biblical Doctrine. Print the study guides at the bottom of each post (or on the Resources page) and follow along!  Also, be sure to join the associated women’s Facebook page to discuss the study with other Christian women.

As many of you know, I’ve been working through MacArthur and Mayhue’s Biblical Doctrine with some ladies here at my church. It’s been going really well, to say the least. Words kinda’ fail when one is trying to express the overflowing joy of watching ladies fall in love with God and the study of Him. So I’ll leave it at that.

But something keeps nagging at my heart-strings. Since the beginning of this study, when I shared on Facebook and Twitter that I was starting a study group around this text, I have received requests to get something like this up online. It was something I had thought of right at the gate, and it’s something I haven’t stopped thinking about.

It’s been quite a process of figuring out how this will all look and feel once it’s on the site. And I think I’ve finally got it. I’m simply going to blog through the textbook. It’s going to take a while– probably two years. And I may just be setting myself up for failure, because I see the commitment this will require of me. But I’ve been inspired by Tim Challies’ recent achievement of blogging for 5,000 consecutive days (yep that means he’s been blogging every day since 2003!) I figure if he can do that, then I, in submission to the Lord’s directing of my steps, can commit to this (Proverbs 16:9).

The articles will be pretty straightforward– a bit of summary, a bit of pointing back to specific passages, terms defined, and a curation of various online theological sources related to each topic or doctrine. I’m going to lean on the men (pastors and theologians) who have contended for the faith, who are gifts from Christ to the church, the best teachers of sound doctrine (Ephesians 4:11). I’m not going to try to teach or re-teach anything from my own brain, really. These posts will simply be arrows, basically, pointing you back to the main text, and pointing you to shepherds and teachers and their valuable resources.

Additionally, at the bottom of each post, I’ll share links to the study guides I’ve created for my ladies here at Harvest Bible Church. (You’ll be able to find them on the Resource Page as well.) The study guides review the book in ten page increments, meant to be a weekly investment, and that’s the speed I’m going to offer these posts as well.

With that, there are a few things required of you in order to get the most out of these weekly posts:

1. You have to buy the book. (I’m not affiliated with the ministry or book in any way. And I’m not receiving sponsorship for this project.)

2. You have to read the book, ten pages per week.

3. It may benefit you to print out the study guides, located at the bottom of each post, and complete them along with the reading. If you’re like me (a Lisa Frank graduate), you’ll want to stick all your study guides and notes in a pretty little binder. So here are the links to the binder cover printables: The Purple Binder Cover and The Ink Saving Binder Cover. (I was making them for myself, anyway.)

4. It may benefit you to participate in this Facebook group and/or in a group of ladies in real life (my personal recommendation.)

5. One last requirement, and I’m “so dead serious” about this: Please please do not use this in place of Bible study (interacting directly with the living Bible regularly), or in place of fellowship with your local church (interacting with a real live body of believers regularly.) Please be plugged into a local fellowship. Please sit under the shepherding of a sound pastor. If you don’t have one, use every last bit of energy and strength to find one. And find one soon.

I’m eager to get started. So stay tuned. Articles will be posted weekly each Thursday. Think “Theology Thursday!” So that means you have now until Thursday, September 7th (of course we’ll welcome late-comers with open arms too), to get into the Facebook group or create your own group, and grab the textbook and a binder for your study guides. Can’t wait!

Oh, and head over to the Resources page to download the binder cover sheet that is now available!

Week 1 may be found here.  Godspeed sweet sisters!

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