A Poem for the Unworthy Mom

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It seems we’ve lost something in our day-to-day dashes.
Primping and fixing for those camera flashes.
With Pinterest so perfect, we just can’t compete.
We want all so tidy and fixed up so neat.
But what are they doing while we prep and we post?
They’re waiting for snuggles, our time they want most.
They don’t care if it’s perfect, as long as there’s joy. That’s much more important than decor and toys.
What is it all for? What is the end-game?
To say we did great? Is that really our aim?
So put down the iphone and pick up your child.
They’re only “so big” for such a short while.
And don’t worry, dear sister, when stuff sticks to the  floor.
The Pinterest police won’t come knock down your door.
Remember, the goal is to glorify God.
It’s not Instagram worthy, sure it looks kinda odd.
Because what they’ll remember is the quality time.
The giggles and cuddles.
Mom, you’re doing just fine.