10 Bible-Based Resources for Elementary Age Kids

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My goal for the month of July is to beef up my resources page. I’m working on adding more titles, organizing it, and linking the resources to their proper sites. In this task, I’ve realized that I never added any resources for kids! Tragic. This list is by no means exhaustive. And, just for fun, I’ve kinda’ put them in order of the top 10 I’m currently using with my kids. Some resources are new and exciting, and some are the oldies but goodies. So here it goes, off the top.

10. A Reason for Handwriting

This is an excellent resource for copy work, penmanship practice, and verse memorization. It’s a fun little workbook (one for each grade level) that encourages the child to write neatly, working on their penmanship, and  to memorize the verse they are writing. The verses are written on lovely pages with images to color. Then, this is the fun part, the child is to mail or hand deliver the verse to someone. I remember my first exposure to this. It was before I even had any kids of my own, and a little first grade girl in my church gave me a verse she had been working hard on– beautifully written and she even “stayed in the lines!” It was the sweetest.

9. Character Sketches: Volume 1

This is one of those “oldies but goodies.” Since I have not fully “vetted” the entire book, I suggest using your discernment and always read each section yourself before you read it aloud to your children. That said, if you and your children are into nature and animals, if you love to be outdoors, if you love to study nature, then you will love this book. These stories always stick with my son. He thinks hard on them, and it opens doors to discuss things like integrity, diligence, and the Lord. We also get into some pretty neat discussions about animals, their qualities, and why God created them. (I should also mention it’s the first of a 3 volume series, and I have not read the other two books.) The free Kids of Integrity program, which I also have used and enjoyed with my son, uses some of the stories in their curriculum too.

(Update: It was brought to my attention that the ministry from which this book is offered is problematic. As I said, be discerning. While this book has been fun and valuable to my family, this does not mean I am a fundamentalist nor am I an advocate for the quiverfull movement. Article here.)

8. The Biggest Story

My kids love this! Since we’ve read through The Jesus Storybook Bible so many times, this was a fun and refreshing switch. The illustrations are phenomenal. And it’s Kevin DeYoung, so you can’t go wrong.

7. Bible Stories to Read & Bible Pictures to Color

For this next school year, I was looking to have my kids (7 & 4) do Bible study together. Though I’ve learned the hard (and sometimes expensive) way, it’s true that sometimes the simplest, most straightforward, resources are the best. So we will be using Rod and Staff’s Bible Stories to Read and the coloring book that accompanies it for the first semester. I picked these up at  a curriculum sale this summer. I’ve used Rod and Staff resources many times before. However, to be honest, while I’ve poured over these myself, I haven’t received my kids’ test of approval yet. I’ll find out in September if it was worth the four dollar investment! I’m looking forward to it. Hope the kids will like it too.

6.The Beginner’s Bible

I had to add this because my son LOVES his Beginner’s Bible. It’s worn and covered in bright green duct tape. With all the new and beautifully illustrated Bibles out there, this wouldn’t be on my top 10, but it is his favorite. He loves the videos on the YouTube channel as well, and he flips the pages in the book to match it up to the shows when he’s watching them. Since he loves it, I love it. And kids know what they want.

5.Generations of Grace Sunday School Curriculum

This is the Sunday school curriculum of Grace Community Church. We are in year two, and it runs on a three year rotation. It is the richest most thorough Sunday school curriculum I have ever used. It’s just brilliant.

4.The Jesus Storybook Bible

What can I say? It’s great! It’s lovely. It’s poetic. It makes me cry in parts. We have the DVD too, which is just a moving illustration and narration of the book, but my kids love it.

3. What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver

These are the best! They’ve been out for a few years and I still love each and every one. This is theology and Bible teaching packaged with “Jim Henson-esque” flare. I can’t really express in words my love for them. They are funny. They have songs! And the “Sunday School Lady” has to be my favorite character. These are made by Phil Vischer, original producer, creator, founder, of Veggie Tales. His biography and inspiration for these films makes them even more extraordinary.

2. The Ology

Marty Machowski is my current favorite children’s author, and the kids and I have been gobbling up everything he’s been putting out. This book is beautifully illustrated. It teaches theology to children clearly and precisely in a way that kids can understand.

1. The Gospel Story Bible

This is also by Marty Machowski. I use this for our family devotions regularly. It’s kind of like a transition bible, moving from little kid bibles (like The Jesus Storybook Bible) to a real Bible. Though I think older children with real Bibles would appreciate this too. Each section has discussion/thinking questions to engage the young reader. I just absolutely love this book.

So there you have it. I’m sure I will think of many more, so check back to the resource page regularly, and see what’s new!

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